Why You Should Buy a Small Car

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Buying asmall car

Buying a car is a big investment and deciding on the right size of car is a vital part of the buying process. Small cars have gained popularity in recent years and when you consider the advantages associated with them, it’s not hard to see why. Easier parking and manoeuvring, affordability, and fuel efficiency, are just some of the benefits to keep in mind. To learn more about why you should consider buying a small car, here is a list of some of the major advantages of owning a small vehicle.


Easier to manoeuver and park

Small cars are much easier to manoeuver than larger vehicles. Driving tasks that may be a challenge in an ordinary or larger sized vehicle can be quick and pain-free with a small car, for example, parallel parking and driving down a narrow one-way street. Small cars are ideal for city driving and they will save you a lot of hassle when it comes to busy streets, parking lots and of course, city traffic.


Gas mileage

Since small cars have compact engines, they can save you money on petrol. Small cars tend to get better mileage, as much as 20 miles per gallon more than a SUV or truck. With rising petrol prices, a small car is a smart investment, especially if you commute to work daily.



Of course, small cars are more affordable to buy than larger vehicles. From a manufacturer’s perspective, small cars require fewer materials, making them cheaper to produce.


Easier to handle

Smaller vehicles tend to be more nimble and easier to handle, possibly making it easier for you to avoid accidents. Their lower centre of gravity means that they are less likely to flip over if a collision does happen. Furthermore, they have shorter braking distances compared to larger vehicles and SUV’s which means you may have a better chance at avoiding a car accident.


Higher demand for resale

There is generally more of a demand for used small cars than there is for used large cars. This tends to be because they are cheaper to own and maintain. This is most definitely something to consider if you wish to sell on your car after a period of time.


When you consider all of the above factors,buying a small car is definitely a smart investment. Of course, any car, whether big or small, can be costly when you take into account the costs of actually running the car, like insurance, petrol and general maintenance. With this in mind, it can be worth looking into the option of a car loan/car finance. It will allow you the time to pay off the cost of the car at a pace that you’re comfortable with and will remove the added stress of forking out a large lump-sum at once.