Loan Process

Step 1: Enquiry
Our system estimates what you are likely to achieve as a quote from one of our Panel of lenders.
We are brokers with access to the best lenders in finance, so the interest rates are set by our various banks and boutique financiers, so we leverage our relationships with them and act on your behalf to get you the best loan most suited to you.

Step 2: Application Stage
We will contact you and talk you through your needs and objectives over the phone or even email to help tailor some loan options for you to choose from specific to your individual or business needs.

Step 3: Lender Selection
Together, we select a lender from our extensive list to send your application to.

Step 4: Approval
Each lender has their own risk calculators and requirements as to what they need to get your loan approved. With FaradayWest Finance our trained brokers take all the hassle out of that process and ensure that the loan is tailor made for you and advise you simply what other documents we may need for an approval.

Step 5: Settlement
We work together with you and the lender to finalise loan documents. We ensure a hassle free and efficient establishment of the loan and instruct the lender where the funds are to be disbursed. You don’t have to worry about the money, as the funds are disbursed electronically. Furthermore We conduct the necessary checks to see if any charges need to be released from the car you are buying and also assist you to pay out the loan for your existing loan, if you are trading in the vehicle.