Going Back into Education Mid-Career

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mid career education

Are you thinking of going back to school after already establishing your career? There are many people who think that once they turn 35, they can no longer be students. The concept of furthering education at an older age used not welcomed by many career people. And there are certainly many challenges of returning to school later on in life.


For a start, people can sometimes be financially limited to pay for school and still cater for the expenses of maintaining a home. Children’s school expenses, as well as their clothing and meals are the basics that have to be provided, never mind all their demands for computer games and phones. Any extra income is dedicated to savings in case of difficult times: ill health, a crashed car or any mishaps or accidents. The reality is that you may be better off putting some of this “rainy day” money towards your education. Many people who go back to school later in life take personal loans out in order to fund their education, combine that with healthy savings and the increased earning potential from a new level of education and going back into education mid-career may be the best investment you make. And with the cost of education always on the rise and new skills and theories being taught every day, now may be the time for some mid-career education.

Going back to pursue further education has many benefits. More and more people decide they want better jobs or they want to change their careers later in life. Pursuing further studies to change your career or changing roles within your career can make you more relevant and sometimes means you can command a much higher wage. While the initial hit on your pay packet can be tough to deal with eventually you will be able to earn more money and give your family a better living standard. It’s even gotten to the point where people are expected to be constantly re-evaluating their knowledge and be forever “up-skilling” in most careers.

If you are thinking of continuing with your education, you can get a personal loan and pay your school fees while still keeping some aside in case of the emergency no-one wants. Lending institutions are very familiar with people seeking a loan to further their career. You have already proven that you have a work ethic: you’ve maintained a job and put your time in working hard to achieve something. You have provided for your family and negotiated the hassles of day to day and even year to year life. With this under your belt you will often be seen as an ideal borrower. Some people will even have enough financial resources to see them some of the way through the fees and charges associated with going back to education. Keeping a little bit extra back to ensure you’re in a financially safe position to deal with any troubles is often a smart decision.

If you do enough research on what you want to study and make sure you are taking the right step investing in furthering your career is an option that is becoming more and more relevant to everyone. Careers are no longer something that you begin at 21 or 22, and continue on in until you retire in your sixties. The keywords these days are “Lifelong Learning.” For the moment, showing the initiative to want to improve your education will see you go a long way with employers. Soon it will be expected that even people 15 years from retiring are constantly looking to improve their level of knowledge and relevance for their industry. The reality is that no-one has put their college years behind them; in the future we’ll be having college years until we retire.