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Every car’s got one, but in many cases, they are usually packed to the rafters with junk. It’s a confronting task to clean said glovebox out after a long period of time as you’ll soon realise what useless things you’ve been hoarding all this time. But, by organising your vehicle essentials into the one place can be pretty handy in the event of a crash, road trip, or any other un/imaginable situation. You also kind of don’t want it overflowing with rubbish when the mechanic needs to get your logbook out to sign off on servicing. Here’s our top picks of glovebox essentials:

Vehicle manual

When you first get your car, you probably have a quick flick through the manual and pop it back into the glovebox never to look at again until something goes wrong. Keep it in a safe place and you will be able to find it in the aforementioned bad situation. Your glovebox will keep it protected from spilt drinks, dirty feet, general forgetfulness and loss, and any other damaging qualities you and your passengers may have.

Vehicle warranty

This is kind of an important one. Keep a copy in a safe place and another in your glovebox. This way if you do need to head to the dealership because of a fault, you won’t have to worry about forgetting your dealership/vehicle documentation when you arrive. Plus keeping it with other vehicle specific documents will be a major benefit.


Runny nose cause your air conditioner is too cold? Maybe you’ve got a cold from being in such a confined space for a long time? Or you’ve cut yourself and need something to halt the bleeding? A handy packet of tissues in your glovebox is your answer. They’ll never go astray, and will only be the item you don’t miss until you need them. A first aid kit is also important, but can always be stored under the driver’s chair.

Registration/Insurance/Roadside assistance receipts & phone numbers

You never know when you are going to need these readily available. Sure, you may have copies on your phone or in an app nowadays, but a physical copy is also essential. Your provider may need your membership number and you forgot to bring your wallet with all your cards in it – good thing you were smart enough to keep a copy in your glovebox!

AUX cord

Get yourself road trip ready with a spare AUX cord in your glovebox! This way you’ll be able to jam out to your favourite tunes no matter where you drive. Bluetooth may be the norm nowadays, but you can never go astray with an AUX ready for use. Also don’t forget a spare phone charger/adaptor is a fantastic way to avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat phone battery!


Afternoon sun blinding you and your sun visor just isn’t doing the trick? Lucky you have a spare pair of sunglasses in your glovebox! They don’t need to be the most stylish pair, but they’ll do the trick. They’re also a good thing to have readily available should you be making an unexpected trip to the beach and are trying to diffuse the sunlight in your eyes. Just trust me, this one is a good idea.


Heaven forbid you do have a breakdown, but in the event you do, rags are indispensable. Imagine you’re dressed in your Sunday best and your car starts to overheat. You obviously don’t want to get your clothes or hands dirty and these rags don’t necessarily need to maintain their form. They’re also handy if one of your pipes leak and you need to make it to the mechanic. Just wrap the rag around and secure with heavy duty tape and you’ll be on your way. Your engine may look like a rugby player ready to hit the field, but it should get you from A to B in a hurry.

Mini toolkit

This one comes with an optional location. You can either have it stored in your glove box or in your boot along with your flat tyre kit. It would include screwdrivers (flat blade and phillips-head), Allen key, pair of scissors/shears, pliers, and any other essentials you may require. There isn’t a standard set of tools, but having a few on hand could be a godsend in a sticky situation. If you’re stuck on what to add, you can purchase a standard basic toolkit from any auto or hardware store.

Now you’ve got your priorities in order, you can live happily knowing you’re prepared. No more useless papers and lolly wrappers – that’s what a bin is for. We can now rejoice in no more overflowing gloveboxes!

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