Car Finance with a Car Dealer

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Do you finance at a car dealer?But what about getting a car loan from a dealer, I heard that’s the most convenient option?Financing from a yard is a convenient option, however we believe the service at FaradayWest FInance is even more convenient again. The reason for this is to do with the concept of Pre-Approval. Having a pre-approved car loan speeds up the process. While your loan is getting approved, you can keep shopping for that ideal car, and once you find that car, it’s a simple matter of telling us what the car is and how much and then funds are transferred to the seller. It really is that easy.Quite often we are able to offer you an interest rate much lower than simply going to your bank. The reason for this is that we have relationships with certain lenders that offer discounted rates for applicants with good borrowing history. Under a rate for risk model of lending, good customers are rewarded and have access to lower interest rates than those with a less savory credit history such as defaults on veda file.

Many customers come toFaradayWest Finance as they are looking for an alternative to bank finance for a car loan. Traditionally there have been two ways to finance a car, either a loan from a bank or arranging dealer finance, that is, finance arranged by the car yard. When a customer needs a loan for a private sale car purchase, traditionally they have gone to the bank.

FaradayWest Finance emerged in the market to provide more options and choice for consumers. Instead of lending the funds ourselves, we have access to a panel of lenders – both conventional and market specific. The process is simple, firstly we take an application from the client. This takes into account not only their financial position eg are they self-employed or own a home etc, but also takes into account the customers needs and objectives. We understand the different lending criteria of different banks. A particular bank that does not finance private sale vehicles may state “you need to buy a car from a car yard before we will lend to you”. At FaradayWest Finance we will work with what you want, and rather then turning you away will source the lenders that do operate in the private sale market. Best of all there is no direct cost to yourself to take advantage of our application process.