Credit Guide

Australian Credit Licence Number:  365484

ACN: 107 240 424

ABN:  82 107 240 424

This guide acknowledges your right to ask us about our services namely, the type of recommendation given and your costs in completing a transaction. It also provides direction if you are dissatisfied or have a complaint about the services I have provided. For your further information I have detailed in this guide the action that you may take to satisfy any query that may arise in our dealings. I welcome the opportunity to promptly resolve, to the best of my ability, any dispute that you feel justified in bringing to my attention. Early contact where disputation occurs, in most cases, solves any unnecessary unpleasantness.


FARADAY & WEST (WA) PTY. LTD. has been established as a result of many years of dedicated, professional service to business and retail clients. I through my network of representatives and allied support have vast experience in providing clients with professional service in the provision of credit finance and other associated credit facilities.

FARADAY & WEST (WA) PTY. LTD. endorses and abides by the relevant Codes of Conduct and strictly adheres to the various Acts of Parliament and those passed by the National and the various State and Territory governments of Australia. We also comply with all requirements as directed by ASIC our National Regulator. We are members of Finance Broking industry associations ensuring we follow ethical and professional practices. All this is explained in the Statement of Credit Advice which is available to you on appointing us to act on your behalf.


Why people select FARADAY & WEST (WA) PTY. LTD:

  • We are an Accredited Credit Provider
  • We offer a choice of product from 3 lending institutions
  • We are a MFAA industry association member
  • We have been established since 02/12/2003


  • Leasing
  • Hire Purchase
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Business Loans

We maintain an updated list of approved complementary lenders which I can present to you illustrating a comprehensive range of finance options that would be suitable for your needs and financial objectives. To highlight this, a current product summary sheet will be provided for every recommended loan demonstrating the various key features of the particular product.


Your ACR is representing FARADAY & WEST (WA) PTY. LTD. and as such has to meet Training, Professional Qualifications and competency standards as part of the industry requirements. We are regularly undertaking training and courses to maintain all representatives’ level of professionalism.


Your Authorised Credit Representative acts as either an employee or a contractor on behalf of FARADAY & WEST (WA) PTY. LTD who is responsible for any financial product or recommendation that is provided to you.

All Credit Representatives and Licensees by law, have Professional Indemnity insurance to cover any potential claims. They are also closely monitored and supervised by insert name of licensee to ensure:

  • they comply with credit legislation and conditions of their registration
  • that clients are not disadvantaged by any conflicts of interest that arise wholly or partly in relation to credit activities
  • credit activities are engaged efficiently, honestly and fairly.


Our income is mainly derived by a commission payment from a lender. However a broker is entitled, in some cases, to charge a fee for service. That fee charged may be a percentage of the loan amount or a fixed sum and can vary from product to product.

It is pointed out that a share of any commission earned by Licensee name may be passed on to a Third Party who has introduced a client to us for assistance in financial borrowings. This payment to a “Referrer” is at the sole discretion of FARADAY & WEST (WA) PTY. LTD..

All fees and charges will be detailed to you verbally and confirmed in writing in the Statement of Credit Advice and the Authorised Credit Representative Profile that accompanies this Credit Guide.

After considering the information disclosed to you in the Credit Guide, I acknowledge that you have the right to appoint, should you so desire, another credit representative to negotiate any loan requirements.


It is our duty to have a complete knowledge of your current financial situation, financial objectives and borrowing needs before we can recommend a suitable loan package that would meet your requirements. Our views will be presented to you in our Statement of Credit Advice.

As a credit licensee we and our representatives are required to:

  • Make reasonable inquiries about the consumer’s financial situation, and their requirements and objectives
  • Take reasonable steps to verify the consumer’s financial situation
  • Make a preliminary assessment (for providing credit assistance) or final assessment (if a credit provider) about whether the credit contract is ‘not unsuitable’ for the consumer (based on the inquiries and information obtained in the first two steps).

You as the consumer can request for a written copy of the preliminary assessment or final assessment (as relevant).

However you may simply elect to apply for a loan that you have already selected. If this is the case, we will not enquire about your needs and objectives but will still issue you with a NIL Statement of Credit Advice and proceed directly with the finance application for submission to your selected lending institution.


Your Credit Representative will maintain a file which contains all the personal details you have disclosed to me and the information included in the Statement of Credit Advice. You can arrange to examine your personal file by simply contacting me to make the arrangement.

Our company Privacy Policy is set out in detail on the last page of this Credit Guide.


If you have a complaint about the services I provide, the following options for resolution are available.

First Option

Most complaints or disputes arise from miscommunication and can usually be resolved amicably without delay. If you find yourself in this situation, contact me and explain your concerns in order for me to provide a speedy resolution.

Second Option

If you are not satisfied with my response then please contact my Licensee as follows:

Contact name of our complaints officer: Cliff Bernard

Contact phone number:  Bus: (08)  9321 1499    Mob 0411 205 551


Third Option

If you feel after following both the previous options your complaint has not been satisfied, you may contact our following ASIC approved complaints body being:


Our Cosl membership number is

Contact person if available:

Phone number: 1 800 138 422

Email address: